Who am I?

Kino can only be enjoyed by patricians. Plebeians aren't ready for kino, as they would have trouble picking up on the subtle sociological themes & masterfully-executed yet intentionally-mistransmitted messages that always seem to fly right over lesser minds undetected. These motion pictures are eternally poignant, forever relevant, steeped in an understanding of the world and exuding it unto others like a blessing from heaven, made from important thinkers, visionaries. Unlike bar-lowered shite-content-pushers like Tarantino. Joints, flicks, and movies appeal to a wide range, while Kino is for people with a true passion and understanding of filmmaking.

I love kinos, German for cinema and urban dictionary's idea of what's written above. I reminisce a lot about movies, sometimes even while watching them. I cud on popcorn, cheap samosas and unhealthy fried stuff hence almost always looking like a cow post its afternoon shitting ritual. I also like alliterations and so here I am your regular kino-cow, chewing celluloid and shitting words.

See you around.